Treasure Hunt

It’s a treasure hunt, searching for that hidden chest of gold someplace inside yourself. Approaching the big 40 and every day that you get a little closer to that milestone you find that you need more. After tip toeing around a couple of new career ideas you realized it isn’t always a new job that you crave but a new lease on life, a passion that gives you something to salivate over. Since you’re thinking inside the box a new career to replace the old was all you could think of changing, until…

Waking up one morning it all seemed clear. It always does when presented with a Pandora’s Box. What you unleash could make or break you depending on where you are in your life. Being on shaky ground and needing help…physically, mentally and emotionally, basically a beaten woman. Spending many years tearing your body up with drugs and alcohol, it was time to pay the piper. 

It has taken a year of discovery, pain and soul searching to get to this place in your life and to finally say you’re happy and comfortable in your skin is to blaze a trail, you do something good for yourself and you forgive a little more every day. Finding peace drove you and made you think it was the goal when in reality the goal is much bigger and better…peace is just the foundation of the path you have chosen to walk. 

The treasure is inside and the chest has been found. Pandora’s box sits silently waiting for the day you have the time to pick the lock. The key had been lost many moons ago, the contents unknown. However the loss, it calls, it begs and cries to be opened to be heard. The desire builds but brings with it fear of the unknown. 

Will you step outside your comfort zone and open Pandora’s box?


About mountainravensmoments

I am a wife, mother, writer and slave to the system. I have an interesting view of this beautiful planet and my place in it. I strive for more knowledge...with a passion for holistic health care and sustainable living...let's just say I have my hands full and a whole lot to squawk about. Stay tuned...
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