Taking Control

Have you ever wanted to be healthier? Of course you have, everybody wants to be healthy but to what lengths would you go to achieve such a goal? I am not a person that does anything half way and my wheels are always turning to achieve that goal. Now don’t get me wrong, I have started and stopped many hobbies and endeavors but usually because I got bored. I have a talent of learning and doing well anything I set my mind to but in the end you can only be really good at one thing and I’m just not sure what that thing is yet.

About four years ago I quit drinking and with it went smoking cigarettes. I had gained a substantial amount of weight from all the alcohol and eating fattening tasty foods way to often. The next year I watched what I ate and exercised until my hip started giving me problems and I had to stop. I had seen many friends complain of aches and pains and end up in surgery and I didn’t want that outcome so I went to my favorite chiropractor for some advice.

For a year I have gone through an awakening of my body and with it I have evolved and continue to evolve. Part of the evolution has been nutrition and the human body. One thing I have learned is there are many opinions but they are all different and you kind of have to listen to your own body to see where you fit.

When I started the most recent change it had to be subtle and planned so I wouldn’t get discouraged and quit. I had been eating pretty good for a couple of years and my body had gotten in a rut. I started eating poorly from time to time which only brought on more cravings and before I could even register what I had eaten I gained the last five pounds. That was just enough to make me notice the jiggle more and fat around the midsection. I suffered from indigestion, bloating, embarrassing gas and I just didn’t feel good overall. I had had enough, I was ready for change.

I started with a Paleo type diet the first week and that was okay but didn’t really bring on any detoxing. I wanted more I wanted something that would make me feel change happening. The next week I cut out all meat and beans since I was still experiencing gas issues. The next week I jumped straight in and went completely raw vegan however I found out half way through the week that the hummus I ate was in fact cooked. I also ate popcorn that week and it didn’t agree with me. So it’s been a week and a half now since I have gone completely raw vegan and I have finally found my awakening.

When you do something this extreme your body can’t help but notice it. I have only had one bad detox day and I’m sure that was from the caffeine kick. I’ve noticed my senses are sharper and my mood is elevated. Even when I’m tired from a long day I don’t feel worn out and beaten down like I use to after a meal. I’ve learned so much in the last three weeks about digestion and food combining that I have finally eased the gas issue and the other stomach problems are gone.

When I decided to go this far I knew it was a decision that would impact the rest of my life. I love this way of eating, it’s simple and easy. Cooked foods don’t hold the same allure and junk food looks like junk food. I can’t wait to get creative and make some of the raw recipes I have seen on the internet. Although I still have some cravings I know they last 10-15 minutes so I will grab a piece of fruit or green juice and it passes. It always passes.



About mountainravensmoments

I am a wife, mother, writer and slave to the system. I have an interesting view of this beautiful planet and my place in it. I strive for more knowledge...with a passion for holistic health care and sustainable living...let's just say I have my hands full and a whole lot to squawk about. Stay tuned...
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