Taking Control (Part 2)

Thirteen pounds down baby!!! Yes, I have lost 13 pounds of fat! I feel amazing and just want to scream it from the mountains. I can see why they say this is a life style versus a diet. This way of eating changes your life not just your waist line.

In the last three weeks I have watched so many video’s on nutrition and read multiple books on the subject and one thing I can confirm is there are a lot of opinions out there on what is the best and worst way to lose weight and get healthy. Even the raw foodies can’t agree with each other. Oh don’t get me wrong I know it is because everyone adds their opinion into fact and thus changing the facts, I don’t expect much anymore. But the videos done by DOCTORS of nutrition are amazing and eye opening.

When I started this I did it for health and well being. I love animals and no I do not agree with the way they are treated for the BIG chain grocery stores to stock their flesh daily. However as an open minded person that thinks all people should be able to think and do what they want without judgment I do not bad mouth meat eaters. I actually cook and feed meat to my family which they enjoy. As I mentioned before I didn’t go vegan because I had a problem eating meat…no I had a problem digesting meat and dairy for that matter. That is what made me start this journey and the self discovery, well I never expected it.

Yesterday I experienced something I have never done in my entire forty years on this planet. I ran 3.2 miles and there wasn’t even a cop behind me! I know I was shocked too!! It felt great!! Yes there was some walking in there too but it was by far the most consecutive running I have ever done and I was proud of myself. I can’t say for sure if it was made possible by the food I’m eating, the loss of thirteen pounds or the immense amount of energy I have now but I did it.

I do have a side note about this way of eating that I have noticed along the way. It’s an all or nothing attitude when it comes to people that eat meat and those that don’t and it feels all to much like religion or politics. There is not a box that any one person fits into. Nothing pisses me off more than someone judging me and then putting me in a box with some group. Every body is different and has it’s own unique needs and each person chooses on their own how to meet those needs. This is not something to be voted on or categorized. Where I agree on one subject with someone I might disagree on another. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. We are all special unique beings…just be.

Life is not a competition to be won, a goal or a task…it is an experience meant to be lived right now. Embrace it, dive in head first without fear and love every second of it. Breathe deeply, love unconditionally and most of all be kind. 🙂


About mountainravensmoments

I am a wife, mother, writer and slave to the system. I have an interesting view of this beautiful planet and my place in it. I strive for more knowledge...with a passion for holistic health care and sustainable living...let's just say I have my hands full and a whole lot to squawk about. Stay tuned...
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