Taking Control (Part 3)

Cooked food sucks!! Well that was harsh but I feel that it needed to be said. I have had cooked vegan food from our local “Comfort Food” vegan restaurant and I was not pleased with my body’s reaction. Too much oil and what is it with fake versions of meat and cheese. I do not drink alcohol but you don’t see me drinking a non-alcoholic beer. I think by substituting a fake version of something you are not really breaking the habit. You are simply manipulating your brain to think you’re eating the real deal, in essence continuing the cravings for the said food or beverage. It’s fine to do this if you are trying to transition but I think cold turkey is the only way to do anything big. The more you screw around thinking about it the less likely you are to stick with it.

I watched a documentary last night called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Great movie and everyone should watch it. The sad part about the movie is when he talks to average people in restaurants and on the street and most of them know they need to make a change but have resigned themselves to die. They think being healthy is too hard, expensive or they are only here for a short time and so they are going to eat what they want and enjoy it. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and reminds me of my mother and her need for cigarettes.

I have been going through some interesting feelings during my detox including tears. Learning to recognize detox brain is part of the journey. As my body breaks down fat an releases toxins my body will actually crave what made up that fat. Even though I have no desire to eat it. It’s been a long time since I gorged on hamburgers and fries as a daily staple yet that is exactly the gross greasy food I think about and then of course you have people consuming this crap all around you. Between the smells and visually tantalizing acts of others munching these things down is the hardest part and again recognizing it is the first step. It’s not as easy for something to bother you if you know it’s trying…or is that just my stubborn nature?

Ultimately I am learning so much about myself and my body and how it all works I am beyond elated. I feel great, my emotional well being although some what of a roller coaster is definitely in the positive, even when I’m crying. I feel like yesterday was a turning point for me, a decision day that made me a true raw vegan. I could have given up but I didn’t and now I feel stronger and more clear on my purpose. Bumps in the road are only there to make you slow down and think. Perhaps a good juice feast is next, get some real detox going. Oh yeah baby!!!


About mountainravensmoments

I am a wife, mother, writer and slave to the system. I have an interesting view of this beautiful planet and my place in it. I strive for more knowledge...with a passion for holistic health care and sustainable living...let's just say I have my hands full and a whole lot to squawk about. Stay tuned...
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